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Conference Calendar

  • 2006:
    • IPMU 2006
      Location: Paris, France
      Dates: July 2-7, 2006
      Biannual Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems
    • NAFIPS-2006
      Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
      Dates: To be announced
  • 2005:
    • IDA 2005
      Location: Madrid, Spain
      Dates: September 8-10, 2005
      The 6th International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis
    • EUSFLAT 2005
      Location: Barcelona, Spain
      Dates: September 7-9, 2005
      4th International Conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology
      (This conference offers reduced registration fees for NAFIPS members!)
    • IJCAI 2005
      Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
      Dates: July 30 - August 5, 2005
      19th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
    • IFSA 2005
      Location: Bejing, China
      Dates: July 28-31, 2005
      11th World Congress of International Fuzzy Systems Association
    • AMR 2005
      Location: Glasgow, UK
      Dates: July 28-29, 2005
      3rd International Workshop on Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval
    • IPMM-2005
      Location: Monterey, California, USA
      Dates: July 19-23, 2005
      5th International Conference on Intelligent Processing and Manufacturing of Materials
    • NAFIPS-2005
      Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
      Dates:June 22-25, 2005
      The 24th International Conference of NAFIPS, the North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society
    • FUZZ-IEEE 2005
      Location: Reno, Nevada
      Dates: May 22-25, 2005
      2005 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems
    • GfKl 2005
      Location: Magdeburg, Germany
      Dates: March 9 - 11, 2005
      29th Annual Conference of the German Classification Society "From Data and Information Analysis to Knowledge Engineering"
  • 2004:
    • ICIIP 2004
      Location: Beijing, China
      Dates: October 21-23, 2004
      IFIP International Conference on Intelligent Information Processing - ICIIP 2004
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