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TUESDAY, May 20th 2008

Time: 8:30AM - 8:50AM
Opening and Conference Information
Location: Area 1

Time: 9:00AM - 9:50AM
Plenary Talk: Is There a Need for Fuzzy Logic?
Lotfi A. Zadeh

Location: Area 1

Time: 9:50AM - 10:10AM
Coffee Break

Time: 10:10AM - 12:10PM (sessions: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4)

Special Session 1.1: Type 2 Fuzzy Sets and Systems
Location: Area 1

       Fuzzy Subsethood for Fype-n Fuzzy Sets
      John T. Rickard, Janet Aisbett, Greg Gibbon, David Morgenthaler

       Generating Maximal Entropy Probability Density From an Interval-Valued Fuzzy Set
      Carol Walker, Elbert Walker, Ronald R. Yager

       Tutorial on the Uses of the Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Set's Wavy Slice Representation Theorem
      Jerry M. Mendel

       Parametric Design of Stable Type-2 TSK Fuzzy Systems
      Mohammad Biglar Begian, William Melek, Jerry M. Mendel

       Linear Programming with Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Right Hand Side Parameters
      Juan Carlos Figueroa Garcia

       Towards Fast Algorithms for Processing Type-2 Fuzzy Data: Extending Mendel's Algorithms from Interval-valued to a More General Case
      Vladik Kreinovich, Gang Xiang

Special Session 1.2: Rough Sets and Granular Computing - Part I
Location: Area 2

       Granular Computing: Category Theory Based Models
      T. Y. Lin

       Mixed Fuzzy Functions
      I. Burhan Turksen

       Descriptive Data Mining: a Granular Model
      Anita Wasilewska

       Examining Granular Computing from a Modeling Perspective
      Ying Xie, Jayasimha Katukuri, Vijay V. Raghavan, Tom Johnsten

       Data Integration with Granules
      Eric Louie

       High Frequency Rough Set Model based on Database Systems
      Kartik Vaithyanath, T. Y. Lin

Session 1.3: Classification, Segmentation and Clustering
Location: Area 3

       Online Fuzzy C Means
      Prodip Hore, Larry Hall, Dmitry Goldgof, Weijian Cheng

       A Fuzzy Classifier to Taxonomically Group DNA Fragments within a Metagenome
      Sara Nasser, Adrienne Breland, Frederick Harris Jr, Monica Nicolescu

       A Visual Explanation System for Explaining Fuzzy Reasoning Results by Fuzzy Rule-based Classifiers
      Hisao Ishibuchi, Yutaka Kaisho, Yusuke Nojima

       On Filling-in Missing Attribute Values for Bayes and Fuzzy Classifiers
      Anca Ralescu, Sofia Visa

       Aided Image Understanding System
      Ana Del Amo, Michael Farmer

       Multiple Views for Ontology-based Formal Concept Lattices
      Valerie Cross, Wenting Yi

Special Session 1.4: Generalized Information Theory - Part I
Location: Area 4

       Measures of Uncertainty and Uncertainty-Based Information in GIT: A Historical Overview
      George J. Klir, Andrey Bronevich

       Axioms for Uncertainty Measures on Belief Functions and Credal Sets
      Andrey Bronevich, George J. Klir

       Measuring Total Uncertainty in Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence: Properties and Behaviors
      Joaquin Abellan, Serafin Moral

       On the Measure of Specificity of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
      Ronald R. Yager

       Probability Boxes as in Info-Gap Models
      Scott Ferson, Troy Tucker

       Sensitivity Analysis Through Random and Fuzzy Sets
      Michael Oberguggenberger, Bernhard Schmelzer, Wolfgang Fellin

Time: 12:10PM - 1:30PM

Time: 1:30PM - 3:30PM (sessions: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4a, and 2.4b)

Session 2.1: Fuzzy Regression, Relations and Probability
Location: Area 1

       An Ultra-fuzzy Model of Aggregate Growth in Catastrophic Risk Potentials
      Mark Jablonowski

       Multiple Hybrid Regression for Fuzzy Observed Data
      Olga Poleshuk, Evgeniy Komarov

       Compositions of Fuzzy Relations With Hedges II
      Eduard Bartl, Radim Belohlavek, Vilem Vychodil

       Integrating Linguistic Fuzzy Knowledge and a Probabilistic Approach
      Anna Walaszek-Babiszewska

Special Session 2.2: Rough Sets and Granular Computing - Part II
Location: Area 2

       Statistical Independence of Three Variables and Contingency Matrix
      Shusaku Tsumoto, Shoji Hirano, Hidenao Abe

       Use of Fuzzy Ontologies in Generalization of Knowledge Tree Results
      Fred Petry, Ronald R. Yager

       Granular Computing: Information Hiding and Integration
      T. Y. Lin

       A Model for Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Meta - Classifiers
      Anita Wasilewska

       A Personalized Context-Dependent Web Search Agent Using Semantic Trees
      Yan Chen, HaiLong Hou, Yan-Qing Zhang

       Granular Computing on Covering from the Aspects of Knowledge Theory
      Rushing Barot, T. Y. Lin

Special Session 2.3: Inter-Relation between Interval and Fuzzy Techniques - Part I
Location: Area 3

       Applications of 1-D Versions of Image Referencing Techniques to Hydrology and to Patient Rehabilitation
      Roberto Araiza, Martine Ceberio, Naga Suman Kanagala, Vladik Kreinovich, Gang Xiang

       Towards an Optimal Placement of Sensors in Wireless Sensor Networks with Dynamic Routing
      Dante E. Barragan, Virgilio Gonzalez

       Towards a More Realistic Representation of Uncertainty: An Approach Motivated by Info-Gap Decision Theory
      Daniel J. Berleant, Karen Villaverde, Olga M. Kosheleva

       Interval-based Multi-Criteria Decision Making: Strategies to Order Intervals
      Tanja Magoc, Martine Ceberio, Francois Modave

       How to Measure a Degree of Mismatch Between Probability Models, p-Boxes, etc.: A Decision Theory-Motivated Utility-Based Approach
      Scott Ferson, Luc Longpre, W. Troy Tucker

       Potential Application of Fuzzy Techniques to Math Education: Emphasizing Paradoxes as a (Seemingly Paradoxical) Way to Enhance the Learning of (Strict) Mathematics
      Olga Kosheleva

Special Session 2.4a: Generalized Information Theory - Part II
Location: Area 4

       Partitions and Pignistic Distributions in GIT
      Mark Wierman

       The Class of Nearest Belief Functions to a Given Probability Measure
      A.E. Lepskiy

Session 2.4b: Possibility Theory and its Applications - Part I

       Possibilistic Risk Assessment
      Thomas Whalen, Carl Bronn

       Possibility Measures through a Probabilistic Inferential Process
      Giulianella Coletti, Romano Scozzafava, Barbara Vantaggi

Time: 3:30PM - 3:50PM
Coffee Break

Time: 3:50PM - 5:50PM (sessions: 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4)

Special Session 3.1: Artificial Adaptive Systems in Medicine
Location: Area 1

       Four New Adaptive Systems for Four Medical Applications - Part 1
      Massimo Buscema

       Four New Adaptive Systems for Four Medical Applications - Part 2
      Massimo Buscema

       Is Information Being Denied to the Scientific Community by the Reductionist Approach to Data Analysis in Stroke Related Clinical Trials?
      Cathy Helgason, Massimo Buscema, Enzo Grossi

       J-Net System: a new paradigm for Artificial Neural Networks applied to Diagnostic Imaging
      Enzo Grossi, Massimo Buscema

       Powerful Computerized Spatial Epidemiology and Semantics Through the Use of Novel Mathematical Objects: Can Artificial Intelligence Systems Identify Outbreak Sources?
      Tom Jefferson, Enzo Grossi, Massimo Buscema

       The Transferal of Evidences Derived from Clinical Research to Single Patient Level: Automatic  Distinction of Normal Elderly vs. Mild Cognitive Impairment Subjects by Resting EEG Data Processed by IFAST, a Novel Intelligent System
      Paolo M. Rossini, Massimo Buscema, Enzo Grossi

Session 3.2: Fuzzy Control
Location: Area 2

       Deriving Analytical Structure of a Type-2 Fuzzy PD/PI Controller
      Xinyu Du, Hao Ying

       A Multi-Level Fuzzy Control Design for General Nonlinear Multi-Input Single-Output Systems
      Chengying Xu, Yung Shin

       Fuzzy Assignable Cause Diagnosis of Control Chart Patterns
      Kudret Demirli, Sujikumar Vijayakumar

       A TS-Type Fuzzy Automaton for Software Agents
      Janos Grantner, George Fodor

       A Simple Multi-Chromosome Genetic Algorithm Optimization of a Proportional-plus-Derivative Fuzzy Logic Controller
      Nicholas Baine

       Optimized Neuro-Fuzzy Multivariable PID Controller Based on IMC Using Genetic Algorithm
      Shervin Kermanshachi

Session 3.3: Databases and Human-computer Interaction
Location: Area 3

       Exceptions and Resemblance: Two Keys for Tolerant Division Operators
      Patrick Bosc, Allel Hadjali, Olivier Pivert

       Preferences and Bipolarity in Query Languages
      Ludovic Lietard, Daniel Rocacher, Salah-eddine Tbahriti

       An Experimental Comparison of Various Aggregation Operators in a Fuzzy Information Retrieval Model
      Katarzyna Nowacka, Slawomir Zadrozny, Janusz Kacprzyk

       Learning Fitts' Law with Imprecise Regression
      Mathieu Serrurier, Mathieu Raynal

Session 3.4: Student Session
Location: Area 4

       T-norm and Uninorm-Based Combination of Belief Functions
      Frederic Pichon, Thierry Denoeux

       High Order Type-2 TSK Fuzzy Logic System
      Qun Ren, Luc Baron, Marek Balazinski

       Discovering Structure in Labeled Data
      Daniel Graves, Witold Pedrycz

       Handling Disjunctions in Open World Relational Databases
      Navin Viswanath, Rajshekhar Sunderraman

       On Perception of Size: Comparing Gigantic Mice and Tiny Elephants
      Julia Taylor, Lawrence Mazlack

       Learning Fuzzy Measure Parameters by Logistic LASSO
      Andres Mendez-Vazquez, Paul Gader

Time: 7:00PM - 10:00PM
Location: Stout, 133 W. 33rd St.

WEDNESDAY, May 21st 2008

Time: 9:00AM - 9:50AM
Plenary Talk: Scalable Fuzzy Clustering Algorithms
Lawrence O. Hall

Location: Area 1

Time: 9:50AM - 10:10AM
Coffee Break

Time: 10:10AM - 12:10AM (sessions: 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, and 4.4)

Session 4.1: Fuzzy Logic, Reasoning and Defuzzification
Location: Area 1

       New Defuzzification Method based on Weighted Intervals
      Olga Poleshuk, Evgeniy Komarov

       Motivated Defuzzification in Totally Fuzzy Inference
      Joseph Barone

       A Cost Function for Backward Chaining Inference
      Alexander Karkishchenko

       Logical Definition of Analogical Proportion and its Fuzzy Extensions
      Laurent Miclet, Henri Prade

       Functional Independence of Elements and Perceptual Confidence Factors
      Kankana Chakrabarty

Session 4.2: Applications in Medicine
Location: Area 2

       Biomedical Data Analysis Using Dispersion-Adjusted Fuzzy Quantile Encoding
      Nick Pizzi

       A Fuzzy Logic Approach to Modeling Physical Activity Levels of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients
      Michelle Broadway, Mila Kwiatkowska, Les Matthews

       Fuzzy Modeling of Medical Diagnosis through a Service-oriented Architecture
      Giuseppe Fenza, Vincenzo Loia, Sabrina Senatore

       Fuzzy Classification of Metabolic Brain Diseases Utilizing MR Spectroscopy Signals
      Sina Zarei Mahmoodabadi, Javad Alirezaie, Paul Babyn

       A Multi-system Model for Interventions in Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Treatment: A Fuzzy Logic Approach
      Mila Kwiatkowska, Andrew Idzikowski, Les Matthews

       Neuromuscular Discrimination by Aggregating Information in Motor Unit Potentials
      Andrew Hamilton-Wright, Linda McLean, Daniel W. Stashuk, Kristina Calder

Special Session 4.3: Fuzziness in Biosciences - Part I
Location: Area 3

       Fuzziness in Evolutionary Biology
      Rudolf Seising

       Fuzzy Concepts in Human Biology
      Julia Limberg

       Causality and Clinical Medicine: Using Fuzzy Measures for Patient Prediction and Experimental Design
      Cathy Helgason, Thomas H. Jobe

       A Symbolic Approach to Evidence Code Mapping for Biological Data Integration and Subjective Analysis for Reference Associations for Metabolic Pathways
      Shubha Kher, Jianling Peng, Eve Syrkin Wurtele, Julie Dickerson

       Fuzzy Cluster Analysis of Bioinformatics Data Composed of Microarray Expression Data and Gene Ontology Annotations
      Timothy C. Havens, James M. Keller, Erin MacNeal Rehrig, Heidi M. Appel, Mihail Popescu, Jack C. Schultz, James C. Bezdek

       Monitoring the Fuzziness of Human Vital Parameters
      Christian Schuh

Session 4.4: Mathematical Foundations and Analysis
Location: Area 4

       A Note on Supp-preincave Fuzzy Sets
      Yu-Ru Syau, Stanley Lee

       Perfect and Precisely Perfect Fuzzy Graphs
      Premchand Nair

       Operators and Spaces Associated to Matrices with Grades and their Decompositions
      Radim Belohlavek, Jan Konecny

       Cycle-transitivity is All Around
      Benrard De Baets, Hans De Meyer

       The Central Role of Discrete Mathematics in the Context of Information Technology and Communications
      Eugene Roventa, Tiberiu Spircu

Time: 12:10PM - 1:30PM

Time: 1:30PM - 3:30PM(sessions: 5.1, 5.2, 5.3a, 5.3b, 5.4a, 5.4b)

Session 5.1: Data Analysis and Processing
Location: Area 1

       Imprecise Causality in Large Data Sets
      Lawrence Mazlack

       Fuzzy Confidence Estimation of the Parameter Involving in the Distribution of the Total Time on Test for Censored Data
      Shih-Chuan Cheng, John N Mordeson

       A Multi-criteria News Filtering Model
      Gloria Bordogna, Gabriella Pasi

       Fuzzy Order-equivalence for Similarity Measures
      Maria Rifqi, Marie-Jeanne Lesot, Marcin Detyniecki

       Identifying Temporal Trajectories of Association Rules with Fuzzy Descriptions
      Matthias Steinbrecher, Rudolf Kruse

Special Session 5.2: Hybrid Intelligent Systems - Part I
Location: Area 2

       Extension of the Sugeno Integral with Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic
      Olivia Mendoza, Patricia Melin

       Topology Optimization of Fuzzy Systems for Response Integration in Ensemble Neural Networks: The Case of Fingerprint Recognition
      Miguel Lopez, Patricia Melin

       Neural Network Optimization with a Hybrid Evolutionary Method that Combines Particle Swarm and Genetic Algorithms with Fuzzy Rules
      Fevrier Valdez, Patricia Melin

       Hybrid Neural-Based Guiding System for Mobile Robots
      Patricia Sanchez, Patricia Melin, Miguel Lopez

       Comparative Study of Fuzzy Methods in Breast Cancer Diagnosis
      Jaime Fuentes-Uriarte, Mario Garcia, Oscar Castillo

Special Session 5.3a: Fuzziness in Biosciences - Part II
Location: Area 3

       A Choquet Integral-based Multi-Class Classifier and its Applications on the Prediction of Membrane Proteins Type
      Carlos Campos, Lourdes Pelayo

       Fuzzy Modeling and Simulation of Purse-seine Fishing Skippers Behavior
      Joao Paulo Carvalho, Laura Wise, Alberto Murta

Special Session 5.3b: Fuzzy Systems and Quantum Systems

       From Principles of Mechanics to Quantum Mechanics - A Survey on Fuzziness in Scientific Theories
      Rudolf Seising

       Square Root of "Not": A Major Difference Between Fuzzy and Quantum Logics
      Vladik Kreinovich, Ladislav J. Kohout, Eunjin Kim

       Quantum Computations Techniques for Gauging Reliability of Interval and Fuzzy Data
      Luc Longpre, Christian Servin

       Towards Quantum Logic based Multimedia Retrieval
      Ingo Schmitt, David Zellhofer, Andreas Nurnberger

Special Session 5.4a: Inter-Relation between Interval and Fuzzy Techniques - Part II
Location: Area 4

       Sloth-NFS and the Possibility of using Fuzzy Control to Optimize Cache Management
      Ryan C. Spring, Eric Freudenthal

       Using Gradual Numbers to Analyze Non-Monotonic Functions of Fuzzy Intervals
      Elizabeth Untiedt, Weldon Lodwick

       Beyond Intervals: Phase Transitions Lead to More General Ranges
      Karen Villaverde, Gilbert Ornelas

Session 5.4b: Type-2 Fuzzy Systems

       General Interval Type-2 Mamdani Fuzzy Systems Are Universal Approximators
      Hao Ying

       Improved Iterative Algorithm for Computing the Generalized Centroid of an Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Set
      Karina Duran, H. Bernal, Miguel Melgarejo

Time: 3:30PM - 3:50PM
Coffee Break

Time: 3:50PM - 5:50PM (sessions: 6.1a, 6.1b, 6.2a, 6.2b, 6.3, and 6.4)

Session 6.1a: Possibility Theory and its Applications - Part II
Location: Area 1

       Impact of [0,1]-valued Weights and Weighted Aggregation Operators for Possibilistic Truth Values
      Antoon Bronselaer, Guy De Tre

       Inconsistency Degree Computation for Possibilistic Description Logic: an Extension of the Tableau Algorithm
      Olivier Couchariere, Marie-Jeanne Lesot, Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier, Jean-Luc Rogier

Special Session 6.1b: Fuzzy Optimization

       Market-based Multiagent Fuzzy Control
      Marcelo Silva, Fernando Gomide

       Linear Programming with Fuzzy Joint Parameters: A Cumulative Membership Function Approach
      Juan Carlos Figueroa-Garcia, Cesar Amilcar Lopez Bello

       An Algorithm for Solving Optimization Problems using Interval Valued Probability
      Phantipa Thipwiwatpotjana, Weldon Lodwick

Special Session 6.2a: Hybrid Intelligent Systems - Part II
Location: Area 2

       A Hybrid Learning Algorithm for Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Neural Networks in Time Series Prediction for the Case of Air Pollution
      Juan R. Castro, Oscar Castillo, Patricia Melin, Antonio Rodriguez-Diaz

       Simple Tuned Fuzzy Controller Embedded into an FPGA
      Oscar Montiel, Yazmin Maldonado, Roberto Sepulveda, Oscar Castillo

       A Cognitive Map-Fuzzy Logic Controller Model: Experiments on Control Objectives Sensibility
      Jose L. Gonzalez, Oscar Castillo, Luis T. Aguilar

       Reactive Control of a Mobile Robot in a Distributed Environment using Fuzzy Logic
      Abraham Melendez, Oscar Castillo, Jose Soria

Session 6.2b: Possibility Theory and its Applications - Part III

       Possibilistic Optimization Problems with Mutually t-related Parameters
      Ilia Soldatenko, Alexander Yazenin

Session 6.3: Applications to Engineering and Robotics
Location: Area 3

       Joint Friction Identification for Robots Using TSK Fuzzy System Based on Subtractive Clustering
      Zhongkai Qin, Qun Ren, Marek Balazinski, Lionel Birglen

       3D CMM Strain-Gauge Triggering Probe Error Characteristics Modeling Using Fuzzy Logic
      Sofiane Achiche, Adam Wozniak, Zhun Fan, Marek Balazinski, Luc Baron, Torben Sorensen

       A Practical Approach to Individual Thermal Comfort and Energy Optimization Problem
      Seckin Ari, Peter Wilcoxen, Ezzat Khalifa, John Dannenhoffer, Can Isik

       Autonomous Safety Decision-making in Intelligent Robotic Systems in the Uncertain Environments
      Rahee Agate, Derek Seward

       Real Time Advisory System for Fuel Economy Improvement in a Hybrid Electric Vehicle
      Fazal Syed, Dimitar Filev, Hao Ying

       Graphical Estimation of Permeability using RST&NFIS
      Hamed Owladeghaffari, K. Shahriar, Witold Pedrycz

Special Session 6.4: Fuzziness and the Humanities
Location: Area 4

       Fuzzy Epistemology: The Fuzziness of Experimental Systems
      Rudolf Seising

       Fuzzy-Logic for Sociology
      Thomas Kron

       On Some Features of Fuzzy Logics
      Enric Trillas

Time: 6:00PM - 7:00PM
NAFIPS General Meeting
Location: Area 1

Time: 7:30PM - 10:00PM
Location: Shanghai Dynasty, 511 Lexington Avenue (at 48th Street)
Presentation: Game-theoretic Probability
Glenn Shafer

THURSDAY, May 22nd, 2008

Time: 9:00AM - 9:50AM
Plenary Talk: The General Philosophy of Artificial Adaptive Systems
Massimo Buscema

Location: Area 1

Time: 9:50AM - 10:10AM
Coffee Break

Time: 10:10AM - 12:10AM (sessions: 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4a, and 7.4b)

Special Session 7.1: Inter-Relation between Interval and Fuzzy Techniques - Part III
Location: Area 1

       Asymmetric Paternalism: Description of the Phenomenon, Explanation based on Decisions under Uncertainty, and Possible Applications to Education
      Olga Kosheleva, Francois Modave

       A Comparison of Interval Analysis Using Constraint Interval Arithmetic and Fuzzy Interval Analysis Using Gradual Numbers
      Weldon Lodwick, Elizabeth Untiedt

       Everything Is a Matter of Degree: A New Theoretical Justification of Zadeh's Principle
      Hung T. Nguyen, Vladik Kreinovich

       Fast Algorithms for Uncertainty Propagation, and their Applications to Structural Integrity
      Andrzej Pownuk, Jakub Cerveny, Jerald J. Brady

       Design of Truss and Frame Structures with Interval and Fuzzy Parameters
      M. V. Rama Rao, Andrzej Pownuk

       Program Synthesis from Workflow-Driven Ontologies
      Leonardo Salayandia, Steve Roach, Ann Q. Gates

Session 7.2: Applications to Business and Decision Making
Location: Area 2

       Using Fuzzy Logic Based Evidence for Bulgarian Winery Market Competitiveness
      Margaret F. Shipley, David Olson, Andre de Korvin

       Models for Consensus in Multiperson Decision Making
      Antonio Maturo, Aldo G. S. Ventre

       A New Approach to Measuring Group Consensus in MADM with Preference Information on Alternatives
      Quan Zhang, D. C. Luo

       Using Fuzzy Techniques in Business Performance Management
      Martin Spott, Torsten Sommerfeld, Raphael Dorne

       Agreement, Agreement Distributions, and Distance
      William Tastle, Mark Wierman

       Supplier Selection in a Multi-item/Multi-supplier Environment
      Soheil Davari, Mohammad Hossein Fazel Zarandi, I. Burhan Turksen

Session 7.3: Fuzziness and Soft Computing Techniques
Location: Area 3

       Performance Enhancement in Solving Traveling Salesman Problem using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
      Devinder Kaur, Meyyappan Murugappan

       Identification of Fuzzy Takagi-Sugeno (TS) Model with Evolutionary Parallel Gradient Search
      Zhongyu Zhao, Wenfang Xie, Herry Hong

       Improve Neuro-Fuzzy Learning by Attribute Reduction
      Fengming Chang, Chien-Chung Chan

       Immune-Inspired Algorithm to Find the Set of k-SpanningTrees with Lowest Costs in Graphs with Fuzzy Parameters
      Tiago Almeida, Akebo Yamakami

       Genetic Type-2 Fuzzy Classifier Functions
      Asli Celikyilmaz, I. Burhan Turksen

       Genetic Fuzzy Programs
      Isaac Sledge, Jim Keller

Special Session 7.4a: Fuzzy Differential Equations
Location: Area 4

       Set-valued Characterizations of Periodic Density for Discrete Systems
      H. Roman-Flores, Y. Chalco-Cano

       On Shortest Paths in Free Spaces Including Obstacles with Fuzzy Boundaries
      S. Saito, H. Ishii, K.-Y. Yeh, H.-C. Hsia

       Fuzzy Differential Equations with Generalized Derivative
      Y. Chalco-Cano, H. Roman-Flores, M.A. Rojas-Medar

       Solving Differential Equations with Fuzzy Parameters
      Flores-Franulic, Y. Chalco-Cano, H. Roman-Flores

Session 7.4b: Fuzzy Hardware

       Performance Evaluation of Fuzzy Operators for FPGA Technology
      Sebastian Iregui, Daniel Linares, Miguel Melgarejo

       Bit-Serial Arithmetic: A Novel Approach to Fuzzy Hardware Implementation
      Scott Dick, Vincent Gaudet, Huiqing Bai